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It's chikn sultan here.

Really appreciated this insightful piece, which provides a lot of food for thought. I find many of your points fair and balanced.

For the record, as I've hinted on Twitter before, while the decision to go multi-chain has merit and is right for chikn at its current stage, the manner in which it was communicated showed poor judgement and lack of appreciation for the venue, the wider audience beyond chikn and event hosts. This situation could have been handled in a less confrontational and contentious manner outside of the summit but sadly, what is done is done. I put this down to lack of foresight than ill-intent to exploit the AVAX platform and its spotlight on the project to promote a rival chain like a trojan house.

Regarding your comments on the intolerance of criticism, I agree to some extent. However, I believe this issue is primarily centered around a few individuals on Discord and does not define the overall culture of the community. Even on Discord, you can find numerous examples where people offer criticism and feedback, leading to active and healthy debates. Lastly, it's worth noting that the chikn community, with a silent majority, is significantly greater than the active user base on Discord.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to share your perspective.

Bok bok! ;)

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The people most ‘offended’ by the minor Polygon collaboration announcement already had an axe to grind and are just using the announcement to justify their ‘anger’.

However, there is an insufferable, core group inside the Chikn Discord community that believes the project revolves around them. They're also the loudest and most cringing in other social spaces. Of circa 2000 holders of chikn/Roostr or FarmLand, there may be around 100 currently active users in Discord with perhaps 20-30 frequent users (i.e. daily without fail). It's some of this small core that has made the Discord unpleasant for many and it's disappointing that so few can have this effect.

What used to be a vibrant, welcoming and dynamic community, became intimidating, abusive and toxic as infighting, ego clashes, narcissistic outbursts, arguments and trolling dominated. Decent, respectful conversation between some the more rational members regularly gets ruined by the know-it-alls. On the weekends, members get the ‘pleasure’ of witnessing the in-house drunk shamelessly publish his pathetic existence for all the group to see. Insecure trolls return to the Discord for controversy and throw fuel on any fire, but get tolerated despite having no skin in the Chikn game. Even most of the OG mod team got fed up being abused and bullied and left, just silently disappearing into the Bermuda triangle of the tri-token ecosystem. But they're not the only ones, many OGs have slipped away from the social aspect, leaving the Discord and Twitter to the sycophants. There's some genuinely nice people involved in Chikn and they don't deserve to be let down and dragged down by the aforementioned pond-life. You can't blame the dev team for wanting to reach out to other communities; they need to dilute the pond and the same can be said for the Avalanche community as whole.

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